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Cluster has changed the domain. Use for log in.

Faculty of Science University of South Bohemia (USB) maintain computational cluster that is also a part of MetaCentrum infrastructure. Cluster is mainly used for difficult computations and the most efficient usage is by parallel applications. Students or employees of USB can use the cluster or other resources from MetaCentrum.

If you want to use cluster for your computations, go through following steps (with problems ask the Contact):

  1. find version of your application for linux operating system (binary or source code)
  2. register user account in MetaCentrum
  3. learn basic work under linux
  4. enjoy thousands of cores for computation

1. Linux applications

Cluster works on 64-bits Debian linux operating system (see Configuration). You need to have your application in linux compiled binaries or as source code format. Also is possible that your applications is in MetaCentrum yet (see Software in MetaCentrum). We have prepared few guides for the most requested applications (some of them are not in previous list of software) and with other applications we could help you to use it at the cluster.

2. User account in MetaCentrum

To register user account in MetaCentrum you must be a student or an employee at USB and follow  :

  • fill the form where you check Clusters and hosts (there is hermes in list)
  • submit the form, click on authentication request, choose LDAP JU
  • fill the account and password according to first entry password or according to your user and password that you are using to logging in computers at University, if you have any problem with authentication write an email to administrator of LDAP (Jan Marek - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
    eg. login: novakj00 password: according IDM
    For FEDERATION use University of South Bohemia (USB or JCU) and account, eg. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it login and IDM password
  • after successful authentication, you get email about your account in few days
MrBayes from scratch - all in one guide for new users.

If you have any problems with connection to the cluster than open personal section pages where you can check if you have right accounts to the cluster. If you forgot password go to support pages.

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